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Fake Drum Rush Fake Drum Rush

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this really made me feel about the feeling u get when u dont know ur place on earth and everything is a mystery and shit is just getting twilight zoney. like fuck man, what if we're all just dolls in a box.

good mystery atmospheric

HarraH responds:

lmao yeah i was lost

Song 2 of 8 Song 2 of 8

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

i had to put my volume all the way to like 70 which i usually keep at like 15, and i can generally hear anything i need to.... the recording quality is shit.... but guess what kid, i like lofi, its my thing, that fuzz is the answer, that fuzzy distortion it is god... ok im being over the top... you should record closer to the mic but I don't want to ignore all of the great fuzz and background hiss, which reminds me of the eternal unpleasant nature that comes with existence, even though at our greatest moments it is sometimes pretty small and un noticable.

I feel like the riffing was pretty cool, but not really my personal choice of riffs, im a little more oldschool maybe, it sounds too much like avenged sevenfold for me. around 2:19 theres an overlapping kind of distortion that the guitar makes that sounded way cooler than any other noise it made.

im gonna guess that 4cat is right about tuning your guitar, i wouldnt know, im a tone deaf musical illiterate idiot.... but it couldn't hurt to try to see if you can make it sound better, that's always true for anything

I'm gonna give this 2.5 stars, it's pretty simple and the execution is kinda mucked up--because if 4cats review hadn't mentioned that the recording levels were mixed up, i would have literally heard nothing and assumed there was something wrong with the player or the file and moved on after a few seconds--but after turning it up i did see there was some substance there and it brought me back a bit to my teen days of lofi recording obsession and having a friend who played tons of avenged sevenfold and greenday shit on guitar.

Boss Baby 3: From Bossy 2 Saucy Boss Baby 3: From Bossy 2 Saucy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

4cat really knows boss, this beat really knows how to show the gloss. I think it's flossin' his technical skill. this beat is like a love injection into my fishman gills. god damn the vocal layering is mad sick nasty, I'm a fan instantly, i need to bump it in my caddy, while I watch the movie boss baby. On a portable dvd player, I'd like this beat on CD or cassette for a more magnetic flavor.

4cat responds:

Lmao at fishman gills

500 Chaos Emeralds!! LOL 500 Chaos Emeralds!! LOL

Rated 5 / 5 stars

damn 4cats format is like an intense cybertronic colonic for my ballsack. this beat made me shoot out all that, and this, the bass is smooth and creamy with a tight and in pocket resonance. dont ask me why i would think a frequency would have a rhythmic perfection, i cant fuckin explain it. my musical detection remains still the best since this track is so hot and I can not refrain from saying it. I just might walk 500 miles to bust a nut whoops I mean verse on a 4cat track. shoot some hoops at the basketball court in the back, maybe we can ghost whip a cadillac in reverse on a hill doin' whippits with bill clinton backflipping and smoking twenty sacs.

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4cat responds:


Goosebumps (Genesis remix) Goosebumps (Genesis remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

damn son. this beat makes me want to beat my meat. in a not weird way, my G, u feel me? I bet you could sell these beats to dudes who make sonic games, or soundtrack it to get johnson and johnson commercial airplay. this track steady getting me high, like an airplane. I think if spooky ghosts and demons followed you, playing this would have them scared away.

4cat responds:

HELL yeah

WiP drowning piss WiP drowning piss

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this shit reminds me of earthbounds OST mixed with some sort of adventure game from the 2000s as well as cartoons from that time period--soaked in some sort of progressive psych rock.

uh, uh, uh call me robo neo geo, got my bitch in future subterranean under dome. UFO crash test, pilots revise the engineer schematics, this funky tune got me rappin, fast forward the backwards footage of apple sauce being poured out, the review was nice at first i bet y'alls bored now, this song took thematic styles walls and tore them down, i bet you this dudes on tour right now, and owns a farm with like 30 k and 4 cows with milk sales shore to shore coastal clout

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funkmeisterfish responds:

thankyu for the beautiful review

The Conspiracy The Conspiracy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this song is so amazing. the verse is ill and super fire. i lit my cigar with this music, for seriously bro. I smoked the whole big cigar to this. the rhymes bring a punch at the end of every line with both verses. the idea of a conspiracy about returning to the audio portal was a great into concept. the end of the song did really reminded me that all i deserve is to eat your ass since i am bad at life. damn. this is some reality rap shit

Boss Bicch Ballroom Zone 1 Act 2 Boss Bicch Ballroom Zone 1 Act 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

the whistley air bell synths are so next level man. the riffs have a crunchy texture to their soul when my inner ear devours them whole. the jivey melodies hit the theme right on the spot. Rock bands around the world should play this for 40 minute jams at large events

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4cat responds:

Damn are you about to bust my dude??

Thanks for the revvy (review)

Dragon Slayer Boss Fart Shit I Don't Know Dragon Slayer Boss Fart Shit I Don't Know

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love this a lot heres my fire keystyle to it U ready here we go ;

Uh I'm the Boss, yeah like a credit card between the butt cheeks I Floss my Guady Gloss
this keyboard freestyle sucks, this beat is dope, If I took a loss the beat didn't though, yo

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4cat responds:

Wow You Are a Real Rapper Man

Elevator Crisis Elevator Crisis

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I think if you layered some of your instruments with some thicker/deeper tones, you might get a song that you feel is less "mediocre" sounding. Or try slightly more variation on some patterns, make the high pitched piano dance a little differently, although I really like the way it wobbles out into the background. I really love the rattly sound effects here, and I think over all the track is very solid.

I want to hear one that you don't think is mediocre though ;)

Sinitech responds:

Well when I was making this I was actually just intending it to be an 8-bar loop, but then I just kept expanding it for some reason. I agree on the problem of variation in this, I actually got annoyed listening to it over and over as I was making it, haha. I thought it wouldn't be that bad in one sitting, obviously when I'm working on it I hear it over and over again a hundred times.