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My Pumpkin Added to pumpkins for Carve n' Share Oct 5, 2012. Load Level
My Pumpkin Added to pumpkins for Carve n' Share Oct 5, 2012. Load Level
My Pumpkin Added to pumpkins for Carve n' Share Oct 5, 2012. Load Level
My Pumpkin Added to pumpkins for Carve n' Share Oct 5, 2012. Load Level
My Pumpkin Added to pumpkins for Carve n' Share Oct 5, 2012. Load Level
My Pumpkin Added to pumpkins for Carve n' Share Oct 5, 2012. Load Level

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Yo Yo I got da Juice

2017-09-18 19:19:24 by Boss

I got dat juice, got dat gas, trainwreck, nug nug,vaping just elevates, motivates, im in a nother fucking dimension, watch me articulate, i take your hate, squeeze it and drain, let the sewer drain eat that shit away, I have propelling shits, i just rip and shit away, If I fuck your bitch today, I tell you she a hoe, unless you must be decieved and abused because you do things so--evil immoral, straight up abusive, but it would be unfair still because the haters lack comprehension. abusers abuse because they was abused, sometimes they know no better, but sometimes theyre shit talkers, they're some cocky motherfuckaz. I'll knock a ditzy kid out, I'll put this wimpy kid down, I'll show some fools around town, the party is going down, the large kegs are going to drown, the safety information will be passed around, we will not become statistics we are down, by law and why not become strong as tyrants and use it for good, then make a stew in a wood, pot then feed that to some dudes in the hood, or at the carnival, I am fuckingggg starvin' yo! let's heat up some beef meat stew meat and vegetables, Yes I like those edibles, hold on what's the context tho? you can write and write and etchings into rice paper make no difference when you are attacked by invaders stronger than darth vader riding a mini dirt bike through a laser beam incinerator. 


They call me coxix breakin' chocolate face lip touch smooch the taste of sweet sugar cocoa eighty-five percent high stimulant health food lotto ticket winnin' back to ba-sics the fish all dead the bays sick, i got the blues from that so call mr belding he is on the case I just might sit on your face, my panties ripped in ways , unimaginable today, need to find me a good lay, someone so sophisticay,tid that they could enroll in  C I A, but I see they found a way, to make ever more money, like paintings; monet, today, I got to slave away and win the fame, be the biggest case of blowing up, on the spot, growing up, with all the clot of the clout and the cloud creates a croud that enshrouds and mystifies, deifies, no more lies, live our lives, like they spossed 2 b, why do u want 2 C Me like Y2k freaky, lets party like its nineteen, ninety nine, imma eat in that restaurant take my dog for fuckin' walks, give him treats, fuck mad HOs who type in leet speak at age thirty three, they got mad SKIllzzz in h t m l 5, when will we all die? hope not soon, lets eat a rangoon crab monsoon then hit the dunes, in a buggy wheres the spray, this fire im spitting and im strutting, just to practice for my cat walk later today, laddie your potatoes are gray, they're old and eyes travel miles away, lets throw those things away to the bin they are designate,,,id,,, forrrr--im onna world tourrr,,, you crawlin out the sew-ORRRrrrrr, let me tear the majora and the minorrrrrr, UH.. thats what ill make em say, SON. master p, mystery, box throwback, yes you know that, still got that old crap, call him old little figure man, lets cop some figures dang, ill call my tech savvy friend dan, and he might roll up with a brand new polished rental van. damn. like "wham!". like, "shazam!".U the man who summons enneagram dimensional beings out of pentagrams so lets eat beans and talk sum business man. like damn.




i just gotta work out hard, but i have to write more bars, and eat granola bars, this keystyle exculisve to newgrounds dot com, but i guess no one cars oh well hah hahh, I'm so fly off that lye whaaa? call me tonka willie nelson tank engine frump, got to get drunk off the cum, of myself, woah waoh what?? so not PG yo we like D G K riding dirty because i aint showered in like seventeen days, let me hit the phish fest slap some bitches because they said they know shit about V P Ns, they keep on posing and lyin'!! what is THIS?? fuck it kid, lets eat snacks and do some lift, do some what, do some when, so some how? this so zen, whatever she says, I'll ask why, then ask who? I'm so sly. I really care. but I memorize, like three words, then look at her thighs, she got the gap, Ill take her to the gap, buy her some pants, man fuck that crap, im not here to propogate and promote a stereotype, yall interpret things like all so serious hype, about the wrong things hype aroun the wrong life, hype about turning casual relations into women hoeing men objectifying, all you pussie boys cryin, imma flip the script sideways then eat the midas is an anagram for im sad, gold be poison where the plant growers, new farmers, yo where the FUCK is -- super nintendo chalmers???


hip monkey with chunkey chunks of other chitzy ritzy fellows holding bedpillows in ghastly ghoulish manners they've no manners let me order pupu platters oerdeurves in atlanta, searchin for atlantis in the deep crevice of a mans tits yes we found it, now we know life can exist , outside of the solar system, so peculiar and exquisite bae im inquisitive 



i just sneezed, what does it mean, particles in the air--attacking me! gotta stay skrong gotta stay lit whos that dissin gotta find the culprit, gonna have my team of boys make better g mod games than him--he makes spam flash, I make bitches shake they ass. droppin bills off the hill no i cant diss an entire genre of animated online entertainment film, but i still will if a kid comes frontin like hes somethin' clumpin up those munchkins from dunkitthey got the opposition runnin from the bunker to under the sun dried raisins in the oven gotta tell em no ignition emission from my cows ass on blumpin, i need her lips on my elephant trunks lid, my trumpets pumpin someones thumpin at the door and somethins got me thumpin' heart a jumpin how can I switch the subject to booze and drunken smokin' blunts with snoop dogg in the year three thousand we esca[e death by natural causes and then flawlessly emacculately breathe breath

oh cmon mom, just let me suck asher roth off in the bathroom while i whip my mop top across the portapotties door and slobber more on what the fuck who wrote this knock it off! 

the pizza was cold; i called and yelled at men, traffic lights blinked, I had to swerve to the left,, I threw the pizza out the window at their glass window, that cold pizza bite was worse than one from a black widow, ok im exaggerating, none of this ever happened, the rhymes continue inflating, making up things that I imagine

damn, i was mad juiced up, call the mathematician i need a tutor. I need a wealthy suitor and a bootleg copy of judo instructionals, the dude yo lebowski bukowski bukakki new DVD pirated copies, on the floppy disk in the back of my new jalappe ..... they all read it and then said this: "What the Fuck B??"

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