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Posted by Boss - 11 days ago

The real point is just barely the sour grapes from being denied this at the time and more to do with this could have all been capitalized on decades ago and culture would have moved forward faster as a result.

Conservatism has everything to prove and nothing to boast of during my lifetime.

Failure upon failure upon failure.

Holding society back and the populace for ransom as a political movement should be a dead end by now, no different from advocating communism.

Similarly preaching progress whilst serving the wealthiest and the wealthiest alone should not be.

Plenty of room in between those extremes for the political class to live up to the excuse for their existence in the first place, do what society uncoordinated can not reasonably be expected to achieve nor maintain.











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right now im working every day and owe a little money on bills. also the snow is brutal i dare even say lethal here (im sure all of canada is much much worse) but i need to save some money so i am prepared and wont get absolutely rocked. would love to save up some lazy money and get back to setting up more of a foundation for time towards uploading video game streams, drawing more, etc.



Posted by Boss - August 21st, 2019


lately i have been drinking whiskey and wondering about passive income. if you have any hot tips let me know


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How about a free pic after all these years?


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Posted by Boss - August 5th, 2019

heres my response to deleted "egoraptor twitter bla bla bla thread"


there was more to the original post than this link but this basically shows whats going down. idk just wanted to post this so i didnt type it for nothing since i feel I can reveal the layers on these issues to some extent, although i dont have anything but a general context and observation of the community and site, and im not an expert on who is large and what power dynamic may truly be going on here, this is ultimately what I think about a comment like this and in a way I agree that a "leaving the church" kind of reaction is an astute reflection of the facts i touch upon, such as youth being drawn to such a sturdy community and paltform as newgrounds and this leading to attitudes that could either be pandering or underdeveloped modes of self guidance

this is interesting because there is some truth to it, and i think theres also things people arent considering about what is perceived. for the record i didnt even watch the video so i dont know anything. as far as i can see some of the visible community members on ng still are at times people who like to troll, possibly defend hate language etc. are super weirdos etc but you will find that anywhere online and its not the sites fault as historically i think the web is progressing into a nicer culture compared to the toxic past of cheering on sociopath content and the imitation of schizophrenic behavior

i think the site deserves a better rep but nothing is perfect and I have to agree when someone points out some things are still weird, just like anywhere

i think ultimately the perception of an "old-ng" comes from user submitted animation sites drawing in lots of young people. i think its normal and right that young people are allowed to act out in the weird shit that they will naturally do and maybe people remember it without realizing its still happening anywhere young people are learning by trial and error how to act and how not to act. at the same time it could be a criticism of "old ng users" who have a cult like status or form in some way. i dont have massive knowledge on this but i agree people even who have proved their selves to a community or group or some level of success can still be total assholes who are extremely unpleasant and make you rather not pay much attention to them and also make it clear why its mostly just kids who seem to like them in droves, ultimately none of this is black and white and is really complex though so ultimately I would say the website is doing good and part of its reputation comes with the service it gives to people which is why so many people say they "got their start" here since its just such a big and good site for young users to submit content learn and grow on for such a long time now

ultimately i agree with egoraptor telling people to be nicer. i think thats sort of the whole point of succeeding and doing good is to be able to have the position and power to just be as nice as you can and to help people. maybe the video was super lighthearted and really basically just helped the community it joked about get exposure and arin is being a joe budden oldhead but his sentiment still feels right to me and i can maybe see where he is coming from but i can see why people are upset that he is throwing ng "under the bus" when i think its not a strike against the whole site itself, which on a deeper level i think really stands as a piece of web history and connection to huge indie art and game communities and landmarks along with the close staff connection with the behemoth and their games. i dont think you can interpret what he said as something that goes against the core operators of the website, so I kind of can see why he said what he said and why he phrased it how he phrased it, just to level this all in my own perspective. in some way as some one who has sort of bitterly matured and almost become cynical about the cynics on NG who i used to be so much more like and now happily alienate myself from whether i cant come close to measuring my dick as longer in any form, i am really happy that arin has made this criticism because no one should blindly follow an entity and his intentions seem to not be malicious, where as oneys response may be appropriate in calling him out on his joe budden oldhead assness could possibly coming from a weird place of not willing to look into the accuracy of his intention or having the self respect to consider it that way

either way i could be the same on a much worse level for typing this much without even watching the video to look for deeper context on the issue but I would like to overall say that anything can be sensibly leveled and considered without it meaning anything too serious. im kind of happy to see that someone just wants people from the animation community to be nice and to be better because it seems like some people end up fooling themselves by pandering to kids and allowing themselves to keep being wacky and wild as fuck much longer than they probably should, this being a general observation in itself

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come watch paper mario!!