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Posted by Boss - 12 days ago

For any1 that didnt see it and might be bemused by it for a moment. Check it out. New PLUR retro computer drawing:


Posted by Boss - 3 weeks ago

Got a new design on redbubble. PLUR Coma

I figured a blog post would be better than an art submission for this. I spent a little whole retracing it on the computer but even with some shading its sort of simple and flat. But check it out






Posted by Boss - 3 weeks ago

in other news plurk seems to have deleted my profile with no warning or reason... its a chinese social media site that was said to rival twitter around 2010, and I found its layout kind of neat. Ot is a sort of small traffic site so its not a huge loss but it kind of fuckin sucks to see all the audden they can just say hey, fuck your account and all the people you connected with on here. Its possible the account got hacked maybe? But I think it probably was just wiped. Maybe someone got upset I was friend whoring? Its like damn, I could have gotten banned or any message from a mod or admin like a normal civilized site would do if they were mad you pushed limits? Like, friend whoring is just an easy exercise to do while watching TV or some shit. And then poof youre connecting with and viewing each others content with people you never would have known existed. Its not a bad small tactic. I dont have delusions that it couldnt be seen as grey hat or stupid it unprofessional but ultimately its a way to create motion and some small results here and there. I add a bunch of people on NG, hit the limit, people will think it’s stupid to do, I don’t bitch. The staff is sensible and set a limit. Other sites will temporarily limit you. Maybe it’s because plurk is run by chinese people a language barrier made me seem more like a spam acct? Like who the fuck deletes a normal ass regular dude posting random shit and adding people for fun? Idk, its not even worth ranting or paying much attention to really, just keep going with what works and its a reminder that what really matters is the skill and crafts but still, its kind of fucked. I have only had this happen one other time on some shitty pinterest clone made by people who jacked stumble upon(an actually good website rip)’s clout so they could sell what looks like news seo to online article writers and news sites, essentially. It’s kind of hilarious how dysfunctional this practice is, literally unable to communicate with users in any way, I watched the pinterest clone site add huge (you just added) pop ups that were supposed to make it harder to add people fast, instead of implementing a limit. I will say that maybe the lesson is trying to jack up connections on sites that seems dead will always backfire because they look dead for a reason, they’re small ass niche sites and i’m inadvertently terrorizing the user base and admins by trying to create connections like a social media site on some dying shitty site. The really bitter part is that sometimes you can connect with people and if the admins want to fuck you over, you wont see those users again unless you have their names memorized or connected with them elsewhere already. Anyways I guess tl;dr is manage your fucking websites like human beings who can communicate or send accurate messages. In this kind of way I don’t desire NG to change to be more like other social media sites because I appreciate the emphasis on content and craft without the complications of friend whoring even though for me, it’s been an easy way to connect and grow accounts while I’m relaxing, but I got fuckin burned by plurk



Posted by Boss - January 22nd, 2021





Posted by Boss - January 5th, 2021

Have any of you ever used herbal medicines? I think tea counts. I have been using some tinctures. Schisandra and rhodiola are good for energy especially if you can’t drink too much coffee. There’s actually a brand called rasa that sells a coffee alternative blend that’s like rhodiola and some other stuff. I’ve also been using dandelion root tincture, and some cat’s claw which I heard about because that alpha brain stuff has that as an ingredient. I am interested in learning more about all this stuff and plants in general, I think there’s a wealth of information that the west ignores because of ancient ayurvedic and chinese medicine systems, either because or in spite of.

i gues thats sort of dense though. If you drink any kind of tea let me know which ones are good!



Posted by Boss - December 30th, 2020

What did you do ? What will you do next year? Let’s consider the fallen souls who all died because of a deadly virus and also the fucking psychopaths who run the government ( and the industrial world )



Posted by Boss - December 21st, 2020

have you used or do you know anyone who has gotten products with designs off of print on demand sites like redbubble and tee spring?

I know maybe 1 person who got something from redbubble and it seemed like ok quality, I’m guessing some of the other sites are better quality. I guess deviant art is sort of a site that had that feature forever but I never personally heard of anyone buying stuff off there



Posted by Boss - December 17th, 2020

Do you use any alternative search engines? I like ecosia.org but I sometimes switch to a regular one if it isn’t thorough enough


Posted by Boss - November 19th, 2020

Leave ur favorite song below



Posted by Boss - November 10th, 2020

Let me know if youve seen some good movies lately