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You seem big salty because you didn't like the beard hat and the theme of this while it may be comedy, basically neglects the responsibility to denounce the redneck/lumberjack culture takeover of beards and the obvious fact that beards need to get washed more often because they are hubs for bacteria. Possibly you have neglected people in your life who are hubs for microbacteria of strains that cause these actions and you need to watch yourself and clean your stubble. Anyways, I think this video atleast can tell me that you disagree with men with beards who ALSO have man bun's hair choices and that we can agree upon. I basically will offer no other constructive criticism because at the current point in time I don't have any incentive to see you succeed in any way other than doing a bit better than getting the necessities and life and bettering yourself which everyone at their core deserves.

You could consider me a dick for taking a comedy cartoon too seriously and literally evaluating the moral basis of it or you could consider the fact that so far everyone else has given a nice review and a short almost emotionless comment basically reflecting as well as indicating that nobody thought too much about this cartoon or cared to consider where the artist as a human was actually coming from and why they made what they made in the way they made it. So if I am doing that, and probably no one else will do that is what it seems like at this point, and if they hit the same word count may not even be touching upon a fraction of the same point and understanding I achieve here because I actually desire to see you grow as a human, then who should you really listen to and consider? unless you're someone who just doesn't want to listen to anything except for what you like to hear anyways, which is one of the great downfalls of youth culture to a certain extent.

Anyways I could have misinterpreted this in some way, someone who worked on this could have had a beard and taken it in good stride and humor and I just look like a dick, but really, consider the true elements behind the decisions you make.

ThePivotsXXD responds:

I just wanted to make a silly cartoon man, now you got me thinking 'bout life.

the dog thing at the end that is based on that yee meme = 5 stars also nice older gentleman plug

the sound the tent made when expanding combined with its animation specifically grabbed my attention more than most of the rest of the video, something about that scene made it seemed very simple but perfect, the whispering voice apologizing to will was actually very hilarious and well done, great job.

the storyboard unanimated aspect of this is probably part of what gave this such good pacing and made it seem more sophisticated despite overall leaving a desire to have seen a video with a longer middle section, still the length has a charm to it as well. it takes a little more focus to get into something sort of unanimated but it works

doctorben123 responds:

OMG!!! Thank you so much! You have no idea how much that comment means to me considering it is the nicest comment I have ever gotten from a person I don't know personally. Thank you so much.

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the ending credit voice clip makes me imagine rick and morty where luis is rick and tom is morty


cool game. gonna sound like a backhanded compliment or literally just a fucking insult but reminded me a lot of spiderman 2 for gameboy color which I played a lot as a kid.. I thought it was a cool game but not sure everyone will agree
also the internet is rated PG-13 so im down with this rating systems

Cool but short. Awesome little game to play to kill a little time loved that I could play on my phone. Really cool art style!

I absolutely adore this and love the use of gameboy zelda graphic style as I loved those games so much. I could go into each of the nuances that I love about this game but I'm sure the dude making the game knows already. I really love the challenges to this game, and the longer you play the more you realize the nuances to it. the style is really technically nice, and the design is super poetic and beautiful. this is a great game to sit down with for a bit and feel like there is no more war. ;-) would love to see another game in this style!! I just loved everything about this!! excellent game!!! you are incredibly talented keep creating !!!!

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i aint callin 'em but i just might be 'em ;^_),)

very nice, lots of groove and rhythm and atmosphere to the sounds that are very key to creating a good feeling while listening. one million out of one million


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This looks interesting but the pic is too blurry to read the story! Also the lack of backgrounds in most frames and changing background color fills makes for a colorful comic page, but not one that draws your eye in (though im sure my eye would be drawn in more if the pic was in focus so thats more of an upload execution aspect than the drawing itself) make more and try to take steadier pics!!

Elhabanero20 responds:

Okay thanks for the. Input and i will see what i can do.

i love this and they should have a little gameboy mini bonus level where you play a little platformer level based off of this animation. so awesome in so many ways.

So Desirable!! 😊😊😊

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