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I agree with the M rating

i feel like the understanding of comedic tension here in conjunction with the political assumptions we will always make abouta certain character ina certain situation, put in a sequence of scenes in a certain order creates a really masterful passage of building tension and then flowing it without being biting, but using a style that is more sucking licking and pleasing to the mind.... there is no rough play here although as innocent as these cartoon characters look there is a very skillful amount of tension quickly built up, clearly with a character called niglet being very racy, but in such contextless manner becomes much more pure and harmless and able to show us things about busting loads. of course in niglets defense, the dude who opens the door is very white and of course my words cant do the pace, the composition, the sound, everything of this justice i can try and ape my recognition of the craft at hand here as it relates to the energy flow created by this presentation, you KNOW what it LOOKS like with this man being approached by these "piano movers" you know what he LOOKS like SIPPING his water, then dramatically the scene shifts almost to confuse you enough to keep the momentum of the character buildup going, almost phishing you into believing the story as it passes into the next phase of new tensions, which as i am typing this i realize tricked me into not noticing how weird it is that these guys show up saying theyre there to move a piano, this guy is like i dont have a piano but have a daughter who needs a date to the dance, then they all start cheering one of the piano mover characters on as if he is so established in this dudes life ? idk maybe thats the whole joke anyways, yeah amazing cartoon,keep on ultimate partying dudes

i saw this when it came out and im sure i thought it was very funny. but now that im older, thematically, as a teaching about vibrations and how thoughts create experience, this is absolutely amazing and actually probably beyond visionary. anyways peace

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This was a really cool idea for a game but I feel like if someone came into this half asleep expecting a real game they might barely read the intro text mash the wait button then get bored and ignore that this game ever existed in their life... I think its very interesting to think about how it falls flat because it literally forces the player to "wait" and be able to do nothing but that, and in that essence you have put out an expression that creates a simulation of waiting and non-interaction when the point of the game and the theme is that the waiting is going to be our death, that we need to act and interact.I guess it's a little ironic because it doesn't necessarily drill interaction into the players head, or seduce them into wanting to act instead of wait, and kind of assumes that the player cares about what you care about before you show them a window into the dire real situation. in a way this leaves the game extremely unassuming and uncompromising, never going back and forth euphemistically with what the player might think about the points being made at certain progressions of information coming out to convince them to care and potentiating a wrestling match with either people who really probably will never care or who are legitimate sociopaths who play games online in their free time, so I think in and of itself this game is like an art piece and it's really good that this exists all on its own in the way it does, and this makes me want to give it a 5 simply for that, but I think even that uncompromising status doesn't want me to think that the game is good just for that, because in that sense the interaction and significance of the game is supposed to go beyond the game, where you have no choices, into reality, where actions actually matter.

I think ultimately while its really cool, and it stands for something good, people can miss it, and the art of controlling others minds into learning new functions and paths of thought by creating a sweet and enjoyable product that they dont think twice about consuming while injecting them with something like an actual purpose, instead of being a drone, is our ultimate purpose as content creators... this points to that purpose, but it doesnt make huge strides towards it on the side that pulls and ropes in unsuspecting kids and adults who wont know what hit them...
in this way it really has served its purpose as an art piece to make me realize even in my own personality the way i present my ideas and hold myself are inefficient, and I think most people simply don't have the drive to be some sort of eternal deep soul show tune that sickly draws in a lot of people easily the way some ad nauseum admixture of sports candy and motor oil so easily can in our world where lack of culture and being controlled by an other is the primary culture... in that way this brings me back to the thought that the game serves its purpose for those who understand it-- but I still do believe that the merit of creations, of games, is to offer a direct utility that teaches us and gives us value right here in the real world as we play, whether its a not so noticeable acuity to some sort of new nuance in pattern recognition, symbolic story, rhythm of movement, language, path of thought-- this game just doesnt cover much ground even though I admit the way it does cover the ground that it does is stark.

Ok so ways that this could be better but not compromise how blunt and bright it is would be creating a small series of game elements, maybe like playing through a prologue chapter and then bam youre waiting and thats the whole game. have some characters and some little story that will pull the viewer in, give them options, make their character feel real, use this in a way that makes them see the condition of the stories environment, even if it wont make them care you can atleast mirror the themes you want to display while they start to have a little fun moving around, doing and choosing something, then lock them into the wait ending to show the point. I just think therevery well could be people who play this under any condition that makes them distracted or apt to focus somewhere not on the game, and the few seconds they care about the game is going to dwindle fast instead of expand, and as far a concepts behind a game goes, this would be a really deep and powerful concept, so it deserves to be expanded upon if thats something you really want to do

, hahaha and btw I typed this all out and didnt notice the link at the bottom of your description until now. Dude, trick me into reading and clicking that by putting it in the game instead of in a spot that while yes, is a description and explanation of the game, is secondary in comparison to part of the actual game! hahah I feel stupid but this is my point, you WANT to trick stupid people into looking at this stuff

janosbiroleite responds:

Yes. Thank you. You are not stupid. The game is just a little remark, yes, a provocation, a poem, if I may say so.

the ending credit voice clip makes me imagine rick and morty where luis is rick and tom is morty


cool game. gonna sound like a backhanded compliment or literally just a fucking insult but reminded me a lot of spiderman 2 for gameboy color which I played a lot as a kid.. I thought it was a cool game but not sure everyone will agree
also the internet is rated PG-13 so im down with this rating systems

Cool but short. Awesome little game to play to kill a little time loved that I could play on my phone. Really cool art style!

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I have to go shake my ass around in a woodland nudist ass bounce rally now, all because of this song

kawaisprite responds:


makes me wanna freestyle

Thank you for your service, we need more ween covers here. I like that the style of this is to have stronger and firmer vocals than the original and more flourishing guitar. I dont want to compare it too much to the original, but youve done very good

Scrotaculous responds:

Thanks boss

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the colors on this are really nice. i think more people might be drawn to it if you blend the lines that look like was part of your outline sketch into something that makes it look more finished/polished even though i like it a lot how it is. the outlines on this one really contain and capture the colors especially around the hair really nicely and would be cool to see you use more outline work to encapsulate and show off how rad the colors are because it catches the eye more this way. upload more !!!

this is awesome. cat drawings rock. please keep making more. loving the uniqueness to your style and interested in what it could morph into

Its really nice and clean with perfectly simple lines, would maybe be good to have more detail somewhere that doesnt compromise how polished it seems, or polish in a way that gives it more depth while maintaining its conceptual simplicity, also background or something other than just blank white could be cool for this, i like this a lot and for the sake of the review actually didnt vote as high as i would if i was just mindlessly scrolling around and dropping votes on things so its pretty cool (not to mention funny)

JustyBusty responds:

Thank you for taking the time to give some criticism, I agree with it too! See, I really would have loved to do a background, the only problem is that the coloring didn't fill the lines up completely as you can see. So when I tried to give it a background, the light look you see now would be mixed up with a darker color. I don't know, I guess I could have just copied the white or made a white background under the color to keep that nice look.

And yeah, I think a few more petals would have been good to give it some more detail!
Thanks again for the criticism, it's people like you who take the time to comment that makes artist improve!

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