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this is what gangstas from the hood dream of creating

I hope this is the beginning of a phase where you do british voices...this is out of this world

really great monkey drawings. awesome story and storyboarding

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this game is totally fucking sick and the music reminds me of the music in the game quest 64 in a good way. also the cutesy aesthetic is just magnificent

really unique and inventive idea

This game is really awesome and addictive. I skipped the tutorial at first (lol) and wasnt sure how to buy the towers because im on mobile. I thought i was selecting different kinds of seeds and the flowers themselves were temporary towers or something? This is why we should just play the tutorial lol. I found the game really interesting and fun and the graphics were really cool and interesting too. As i got closer to level 100 i found it really rewarding to realize you could jump to stack towers by dropping them . I sort of wanted to be able to make a 2nd layer of the shield tower by bouncing above it and then using the buy tower command and have another layer of the shield appear like layers of a stratosphere. i think that could be amazing if it was easiee to bounce and get air off enemies so its like a platform climb game that leads to you flying around orbit or even going to other planets. That might just be really chaotic and ridiculous though. When i hit level 100 i dont know if i overclocked the game or if my build made this happen but i had tons of gun towers out and they all died at once. Then the enemies came in and i couldnt jump into them all. I went back and did a mostly health build and that basically gives you a god mode where eventually you can tap to plant seeds endlessly and you wont die, maybe a hidden metaphor about what towers are the best for our own planet? Lol. I think if you ran this on a Computer and do a heavy health tower build you could let it idle forever. I hit level 145 and was like ok this is going too far. It got a little more fun to hit jumps into orbit at that point because the game was starting to lag/overclock so my air direction inputs were more precise. All in all i think its an amazing game and you could turn it into a really engaging story oriented tower defense game or really do anything with the mechanics here. In a way it was like a puzzle and like an action game too already. This can definitely give you carpet tunnel if youre playing on mobile. I think it could be sick if somehow the game doesnt overclock when a million objects are on the screen and you instruct the player to do a god mode style build and then crazy bosses came in that you had to fight that did enough damage to make the health build fail. I think all the action on the screen makes you want it to be a japanese shootemup in a way, this mechanism or gameplay dynamic is the perfect blend of tower defense and attacking things to defend but the style doesnt feel jaded or industrial at all, it still feels really artistic. Maybe some of that is because pico 8 is just a great platform too, idk. I also felt that at a certain point this game became like a meditation and was relaxing and made me re-realize the purpose of video games. So theres that i guess. I better stop typing i hope this review doesnt break the web page for being too long

Elastiskalinjen responds:

Thanks! Impressive review and for hitting such highscores :O

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The reverse sounds for the melodies are really awesome, this would be perfect for like a dream world or opposite world level in a game

the crazy cat noise was really cool, i also found the story became captivating but i felt i might have missed some information that made the plot resolution more dramatic and i was wondering if there was more to the story you would have added if you would have let it run longer. i think you could use your musical skills to give a narrated story like this more scene changes with atmosphere and pacing variations that might pull a viewer into the story more and it would be done well if you tried it

CIEIRMusic responds:

First off thanks for listening. That said you didn't miss anything. This is meant to be a fan made prequel to a cult classic movie. I made it in a way that it is meant to encourage others to watch the movie. Specifically the extended cut version, because I referenced a scene in that one where West was caught trying to inject his serum into himself. As for why I didn't put the music in, I was trying to make it sound like it was coming out of a tape recorder. Also even if I wanted to put music in it I felt it wouldn't be the same without the theme song of the actual movie. Which I haven't learned how to cover yet. That said I was mostly going for realism. If you want to listen to some music with this, look up Richard Band Re-Animator Soundtrack. All and all I am glad you liked this regardless. That cat sound took a lot out of my throat lol.

This is perfect halloween music. great storytelling via musical atmosphere

CIEIRMusic responds:

Thanks. I put a lot of fear into this one.

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this is pretty nice! i particularly like the portrayals of e gadd and birdo here

the hexagon angle theme is great and the boot crinkles are stellar

love how its smash 64 style. really nice blending of soft colors

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