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This is a perfect statement on the gross world we live in where child groomers compete over status and wealth, and the only one who can save us, slime shady, has been snorted. 100/100

I heard eastman and lairds new favorite ninja turtle is the pink eye mask turtle girl. The perfect drama. The suspense synth. The laugh and side look like aint shit funny but then he keeps laughing nornally. There is an absolute mastering of the pacing and drama and story. The reflection on society and prison. An all around masterpiece. Or master - piece of pizza?? Tehe lol

Still got it !

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This is really awesome. I played it on easy mode because im watching tv and due to the nature of that specific multitask, I don’t know if I could commit to beating it on harder difficulties but aside from obviously how great the pixel style of this is and the firm and simple goal and physics something I really love is that the theme is cultural in a cute way and there are some hebrew words that pop up and I think anytime a game has these it gives it more objective value for exposing the players to other cultural concepts and vocabulary (even if it’s brief)

This is really fun. Playing on mobile is so fucking annoying because you will accidentally press down! I had a glitch similar to others, got to level 13 and i had one purple fruit, a few levels before this the witch stops saying what fruits she needs until you bring her one fruit, I figured that lined up with 4 fruits being present instead of 3, level 13 i know i need a purple because the bottom right get fruit icon, so I bring her the purple fruit, it disappears, them she says she needs purple and green, theres no purple left so either there was not enough purples or this is a glitch where she eats a fruit and doesnt register it at first, also like others have said the scoreboard thing which I think is still glitched maybe and its out of judgement for sure now but idk if any of this would be worth the time to fix, or if the glitch i got was super rare or somehow there was user error on my end altho i flew across the whole canopy atleast twice to double check. this game is dope and under rated

Loved it, really cool aesthetics and sound was relaxing, the way you only jump half a block was cute and the game was really clever. a few times the text box had text that disappeared because it didn't fit and i usually tap talk buttons like twice to see if i can get the text to just auto fill but that makes me miss text here, which isn't that bad and I'm not sure if many other people care about that but thought i'd mention that, really fun and cool to explore the kind of maze and try to remember where all the key pieces are, i love the way youre forced to do that because your key meter fills up, overall would like to see you make more

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I love how perfectly defiant this is but really you don’t even say anything that bad really, like how bad is bitch and a possible allusion to some asian people being similar to stuffy white people who lock their cars like the dude from office space or whatever? In a way this is one of the most dignified and cool songs that says you cant tell me what to say

This melody kind of slightly reminds me of despacito and that old metal health will drive you mad song but a super chill version that’s actually pretty unique. I also like that the string/synth goes pretty high and doesn’t get shrill at all and the bass is a really nice texture

AudiosErgeon responds:

Thank you friend for deep thought on this track I really appreciate your feedback and unique look into the song. and what you feel about it. Stay awesome friend and stay creative!

I could totally hear this in an adventure game as part of the soundtrack. Really fun and feels like you should be a hero jumping over buildings to this

AudiosErgeon responds:

This is an awesome visual thanks for the like!

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Extremely dope concept. Shudder to look at the immense drip here

This is cool but you can always hit your pencil drawing with a little pen marker or colored pencil or something, and you can touch it up on a computer, contrast helps these kinds of pictures a ton! I think making yourself use just physical medium can be a great exercise. Getting good lighting can be annoying and time consuming when you dont have a scanner, the format quality stuff aside the shapes of the character sheet here are pretty awesome and deserve to be accentuated and made clearer for any random viewer, there is a cool unique style here that’s sorta like invader zim but a little more complex

kindaGlitch responds:

yo thanks for the tips! didnt see the notif b4 i posted my last art so maybe next time ill try what you suggested!


OVERBOY responds:

Thanks ! :D

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