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I hope this is the beginning of a phase where you do british voices...this is out of this world

really great monkey drawings. awesome story and storyboarding

im pretty sure i remember watching this once or twice around the time it came out, which is almost insane to think that i can remember anything that far back. i also think the general overuse of the flash gradients in not just this but tons of other flash videos, actually aged really well and is some perfect 2000s unknown psychedelic visual effect grandfather of all the weird visual filters we have nowadays

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This game is really awesome and addictive. I skipped the tutorial at first (lol) and wasnt sure how to buy the towers because im on mobile. I thought i was selecting different kinds of seeds and the flowers themselves were temporary towers or something? This is why we should just play the tutorial lol. I found the game really interesting and fun and the graphics were really cool and interesting too. As i got closer to level 100 i found it really rewarding to realize you could jump to stack towers by dropping them . I sort of wanted to be able to make a 2nd layer of the shield tower by bouncing above it and then using the buy tower command and have another layer of the shield appear like layers of a stratosphere. i think that could be amazing if it was easiee to bounce and get air off enemies so its like a platform climb game that leads to you flying around orbit or even going to other planets. That might just be really chaotic and ridiculous though. When i hit level 100 i dont know if i overclocked the game or if my build made this happen but i had tons of gun towers out and they all died at once. Then the enemies came in and i couldnt jump into them all. I went back and did a mostly health build and that basically gives you a god mode where eventually you can tap to plant seeds endlessly and you wont die, maybe a hidden metaphor about what towers are the best for our own planet? Lol. I think if you ran this on a Computer and do a heavy health tower build you could let it idle forever. I hit level 145 and was like ok this is going too far. It got a little more fun to hit jumps into orbit at that point because the game was starting to lag/overclock so my air direction inputs were more precise. All in all i think its an amazing game and you could turn it into a really engaging story oriented tower defense game or really do anything with the mechanics here. In a way it was like a puzzle and like an action game too already. This can definitely give you carpet tunnel if youre playing on mobile. I think it could be sick if somehow the game doesnt overclock when a million objects are on the screen and you instruct the player to do a god mode style build and then crazy bosses came in that you had to fight that did enough damage to make the health build fail. I think all the action on the screen makes you want it to be a japanese shootemup in a way, this mechanism or gameplay dynamic is the perfect blend of tower defense and attacking things to defend but the style doesnt feel jaded or industrial at all, it still feels really artistic. Maybe some of that is because pico 8 is just a great platform too, idk. I also felt that at a certain point this game became like a meditation and was relaxing and made me re-realize the purpose of video games. So theres that i guess. I better stop typing i hope this review doesnt break the web page for being too long

Elastiskalinjen responds:

Thanks! Impressive review and for hitting such highscores :O

This is really awesome. I played it on easy mode because im watching tv and due to the nature of that specific multitask, I don’t know if I could commit to beating it on harder difficulties but aside from obviously how great the pixel style of this is and the firm and simple goal and physics something I really love is that the theme is cultural in a cute way and there are some hebrew words that pop up and I think anytime a game has these it gives it more objective value for exposing the players to other cultural concepts and vocabulary (even if it’s brief)

This is really fun. Playing on mobile is so fucking annoying because you will accidentally press down! I had a glitch similar to others, got to level 13 and i had one purple fruit, a few levels before this the witch stops saying what fruits she needs until you bring her one fruit, I figured that lined up with 4 fruits being present instead of 3, level 13 i know i need a purple because the bottom right get fruit icon, so I bring her the purple fruit, it disappears, them she says she needs purple and green, theres no purple left so either there was not enough purples or this is a glitch where she eats a fruit and doesnt register it at first, also like others have said the scoreboard thing which I think is still glitched maybe and its out of judgement for sure now but idk if any of this would be worth the time to fix, or if the glitch i got was super rare or somehow there was user error on my end altho i flew across the whole canopy atleast twice to double check. this game is dope and under rated

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I really like how the in second half of the lyrics they become a little more dark and intense, I think its a charming way to accent the warm message and the smooth electronic sound

I really like how the intro is just this banging drum line and then the bass comes in and sounds really video game like and the timbre is just like perfectly crispy. then the lead instrument makes it sound even more like perfect video game music but its strange, i dont know if the composition itself and speed makes it sound more like it would work in a video game or what, because after the second break when the instruments come back it seems more like I start to realize the do sound smooth like VSTs but theres some sort of classic style to it. it may be because the guitar comes in first in the second half instead of appearing when the track is peaking

CIEIRMusic responds:

Well when I was composing this I had no idea who Piconjo at the time was. A friend of mine filled me in on it and using his picture as the inspiration for it, I wanted to go a route different than what most people view Piconjo as. The majority see him as a villain, whilst this particular artist saw him as an Anti-Hero. So I figured this guy's supposed to be related to Newgrounds, related to Pico and that's been around since the late 90s. So I based it around that, this person was pretty much the Anti-Pico, so I gave him a song that pretty much summed up the Newgrounds Franchise as a whole. Somewhat, cheesy and comedic, but somewhat serious and a lot of action.

The fact that it may work as a video game song is a welcome surprise, because that's how Pico got started. So I figured Piconjo deserved the same treatment.

The melody and chords fit the theme well and capture the emotion. Theres something about the way it ends that is really nice. Since this is a clean piano track there’s a lot you could do with this, it can be versatile

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This is truly beautiful on many levels

This has a great energy, the contrasting direction of lines of the sky and ground helps the color blends pop too I think. Its also really cool to see a truly unique shape for an aliens head and body that you couldnt come up with so easily

Sulaimandoodle responds:

Ty kindly :D

Its not menenist chud zone to say this, but yeah you risk some super pissed person assuming thats how you mean it. I wouldnt worry its a good message. Also the nene lettering looks dope

drowsyduck responds:

Thank you homie :D and of course I'm not trying to draw attention away from problems that women face; it's just that I firmly believe men deserve the same treatment.


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