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infinitely charming, really funny and cute, and somethign about the way the voice sounds a little chopped or edited when he says the back into place line made it a thousand times funnier to me and i love the way stuff like that sounds

this was super excellent, great work, really nicely developed and produced

This is possibly the best cartoon ever made about not getting laid, human unhappiness,and drugs, unfortunately my life is nowhere near as interesting as any of these little cartoon character guys

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This is gorgeous and has a ton of style

This game is really incredible. It almost makes you want to cry. Its sort of zen. and it looks and sounds great

this game is totally fucking sick and the music reminds me of the music in the game quest 64 in a good way. also the cutesy aesthetic is just magnificent

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The drums are punchy but still have that oldschool feel and the ambient quality kinda makes you feel like youre transported into an old toonami bump… but the higher speed of the ambient droning coming on almost makes it seem like a hardcore ambient that helps the drums get their energy across… i feel like only good stuff would happen while you play this kind of music

SchattenDnB responds:

Whoa...now that's definitely a huge compliment. I was honestly throwing everything I had to try and border between modern and oldschool, so it's awesome to know that it has the effect. The ambience took a bit of tweaking as well before i just decided to leave it as is. Glad i could transport you somewhere, toonami is definitely a major influence for sure. Thank you so much!

it makes me happy. also the chiptune break is really smooth and the way it builds up has a great feeling. i feel like it ends a little abruptly just based on how well it builds up, something like the intro atmosphere at the end would have been a cool way for the song to say goodbye i think. but i can always just replay it too hehe

Fluubah responds:

Alright, thank you so much for the song feedback!! I really do need to work on my song structuring

meow meow. sounds awesome. great energy. the assembly line of synths coming in and building up fits the atmosphere really well. makes you wanna dance too

Midnights-Ocean responds:

Hey awesome! Thanks. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. <:3

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Really awesome and bright, kinda harkens back to 80s gross out art and the cartoon style here is clean and friendly like maybe regular show characters with a little more detail and development

This has a lot of character and it would look great in a magazine or on poster print

bizguilo responds:

thank you!! i pretend doing prints with some of my work

I love it

bizguilo responds:

thanks it was a lot fun this drawing

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