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An unparalleled masterpiece.... the protagonist is like the perfect relative of main vein.... maybe even a perfect bootleg version... if romeoJR was a product designer, and a company tried to bootleg their shit, he would already have copyrighted exactly what they would try to do with his product..... that's a talent... phenomenal..... this film speaks for itself in so many ways.... you will laugh... cry... and cum. that's just how it goes buddy. i could go on for a long time about this. a really long time. I mean reaaally I mean seriously.but i'm pretty sure my manager is looking for me. so i should probably finish taking this shit. I wanna know something....

i really hope mane vane is doin ok because that dude at the end was like. really scary. im shaking right now. mane vane is a good man and should have a nice job at CPS

i like they disclaimer

everything about thsi was perfect

i love how the principal has a trash can under the pencil sharpener just so its easy to unload the shavings. haha what a nerd, whats that nerd principal doin with a pencil sharpener, like shes a student and shit? she doesnt use pen?who is using the pencil sharpener in her classroom? did they just have an extra one in the budget, she likes pencils, she sharpens a lot? this is better every next time you watch

I want to fuck sir hottie McHottie.

This was cute and the intro maybe pop punk style / cheerful music was a nice way to start it. The silly character is nice, I feel like there is something to be desired in the animation sequences because there could be more going on there. I liked how the background used the blur to make things look further away but also in general I think I wanted to look at a background that felt like the person making it was having a lot of fun making it which is how I felt about everything in the forefront of the movie. The pacing seems to work more in the second half of the movie and I think the end was genuinely funny. Keep making more!

hilarious and I think the messiness really adds to the charm. this is really unique. if I was DMX'd out at 2am right now i would probably leave a long rambling review but just wanted to say that this was really awesome, the way it all progressed was funny and the plots awkwardness also added a lot to the charm as well, where if it took itself too seriously it wouldn't have been such a homage to the concept that it is. also of course pretty hilarious that theyre playing sonic and dmx is telling bowie to slow down. i think the colors of their bodies and the cut and paste elements of everything also really brings it together, this is awesome

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Thanks a lot man! glad to hear somebody else liked it, I can't tell if this is actually funny or if it's just me.

this is it king. nothing can bea tthe rat smoking a joint (or maybe its a cigarette) but the text and the music is still there so absolutely amazing. i am transported to another world. your animation was good!

I agree with the M rating

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