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The eggs style intro reminded me almost a little of adventure time, which is nice, i mean if youre familiar you might know what elements remind me of it, not meant as anything but a compliment or simple comparison in style. This is good but at times felt a little harsh. I really liked the helicopter style chopping sound at the end. which is ironic because thats a sort of harsher sound innately but it sounded a little smoother than the section before it for some reason. Also the description is interesting, you should try not to make enemies who will try and trash ur stuff xD

Kelpalots responds:

LOTS OF BACON with those harsher sounds! Thanks for reminding me how video game this was, and how it could reflect. Adventure Time does seem to fit it too. That one episode with the core people and their goddess seems to feel a little unreal with how it seems to just fit!

As for the enemy, he did some major thing on our planet like TNTing a bunch of buildings. He doesn't like the fact he told me so either. I would have been blissfully unaware had he not told me these things. He happens to like to destroy people who are important too. And take all their money and worth. So naturally I DID NOT want an enemy, and he happen to be one, because I had worked hard making a lot of things happen for our planet. It totally destroyed his idea of destroying reality.

as soon as i heard the kick drum I knew I was going to favorite this, really really pushes through the 4th wall in a dynamic and engaging way. kind of wishing as the track goes on that it would have that bouncy dynamic 4th wall breaking feel but it progresses in a really nice way that really lends itself to the melodic quality of the song, i cant take any points off my score for it when its really really well put together still. wish I could give a suggestion to make it grab at me more but I don't know lmao so there's that. the second half's progression is really dreamy and a little more dramatic/epic too which I really like and as that new synth that comes in around 2:40ish starts playing it starts feeling a little more dynamic and engaging and the whole song seems to have built itself up to make this complementary element more clear. anyways i dont know, awesome song would like to hear this on some huge speakers in the woods or something

sampling the thong song is extremely newgrounds, congratulations

i love it, listened to it like 20 times on repeat

Father-of-Death responds:

omg i need to make better music hahahahah

i really like the narrative of the samples accompanied by what im pretty sure was a beavis and butthead sound, sex sounds, etc. now that mk ultra is a movie u dont rlly know if there is going to truly be that "theme" in a song with that title so i was pleasantly surprised at the conceptual points introduced by the samples that didnt intrude into the song and fit into their spaces well

would love to hear this played live on some big speakers, this is a classic and great dance song with the eq warpy sound breaks, the drum breaks, really nice clean bass and synths, distortion drums at 2:40ish are super nice too. ok i wont keep going on you get the point. really awesome and i wanna hear this on some hennessy sound design speakers

cthrn responds:

I forgot to reply to this when you first posted it, I probably read it when I first woke up
but thank you so so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm really glad you like this

while this is obviously a really excellent track in and of itself while being super funny fun and lighthearted, the whimpering sad outro really really seals the atmosphere of bewilderment fun and adventure. also the crazy fucked up dad joke is A-1 of course

I have to go shake my ass around in a woodland nudist ass bounce rally now, all because of this song

KawaiSprite responds:


makes me wanna freestyle

Thank you for your service, we need more ween covers here. I like that the style of this is to have stronger and firmer vocals than the original and more flourishing guitar. I dont want to compare it too much to the original, but youve done very good

Scrotaculous responds:

Thanks boss

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