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Very good detail

I like the revelatory theme of this, displaying the problems in attitude of the founders of our “society” and how our far back indigenous ancestor’s way of life showed a much better laid back attitude to put it in general terms

Not only is this an awesome drawing of an apartment with cool ass clutter of their stuff in some sections, the linework and shading are just really even and balanced and have a nice comic/anime feel that doesnt try to go too strong it hits its stride really well, and of course I love the dramatic vaporwave/hyper 80s purple pink hue. Also bonus points for homey sleeping with the pillow on his head

really beautiful and great representation of the legend himself. good choices of moments to capture

MrBiscuit181 responds:

Some of his most iconic moments

impeccable. would be very impressed to see graphics like this animated. i actually think something like that could take over user interfaces someday and this is an example of content on ng leading the way to the future

If this was like a full scene with a bg and maybe something in the forefront or something a little extra this style feels very comprehensive and deserving of a front page

good comic books style shading with nice outside white lines. also really liking the pattern inside the fumanpoo lettering. the background is really cool and almost like an optical illusion and brings it all together to meld with the rest of the pretty damn clean lines.
i mean, fu man chu comes from china or somewhere in asia right? so it just makes sense to make this pun this way, but it is immensely becoming to understand the difference between the pun being sourced from a phrase from a different culture and a context where someone used an image like this to be specifically derogatory, you should be good just have respect for people and cultures

i like this reversal of the traditional power dynamic between smithers and burns, but also how it can represent smithers relationship to mr burns as a dog he carries in his mind that weighs him down. also the weird creepiness and soft smoothness of the lines are good,the holding a baguette is great because it makes it seem like hes is bringing mr burns dog with him to go shopping or some shit but who brings a dog shopping for a baguette anyways? unless they went to a street market. anyways awesome drawing

I love the way it looks like tiles, very cute and cool

im really mesmerized by the angle and the watercolor texture

DantonSlip responds:

Thank you! :3

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