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somemo lyriks

2017-12-12 20:30:02 by Boss

just keep grinding 

stay positive, dont look behind ye 

stay motivated and enthusiastic believe in your self u little rascals 

whatever your passion you can gain skill and if that dries up

your previous skill assists in transfer skill 

just keep practicing hard you can be a master still 

you gotta believe baby, i respect it 

stay focused on your dream daily you can all be legends


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2018-02-10 10:54:44

dont delete this

Boss responds:

i dont rlly delete stuff anymore. sup yo


2018-02-13 17:43:08

All day every day! Love the words of hope and wisdom.

Boss responds:

Thank You


2018-02-15 00:12:56

Best Advice ever!

Boss responds:

:) thanks


2018-02-18 23:32:57

what’s up boss

Boss responds:

Happy b day Alias, keep it real yo


2018-02-28 17:58:49

Eh Yo Boss, All I want is the Unadulterated Truth From Ya."

It is a new way to ask your ex girl and your next girl, or yesterdays twins if they are in. And where have they been. See if it is something you could bounce to.