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follow unfollow?

Posted by Boss - May 22nd, 2019

is following to max your followers list then unfollowing everyone to do it again a shitty and douchey way to "gain clout" / unprofessional way to "market yourself" ? i generally do find value in sites that make it easy to follow people, see who likes your profile and follows back, grow a network on mutual followers, then cull the people who dont follow so that you can keep growing.maybe this is a waste of my time and im actually being stupid, and if i had spent half the time doing this generating actually content i would be 10x further in achieving the actual goal this builds towards like having a web presence and learning how to help yourself, and others in the online, and offline world.

I saw a video of a guy saying doing this on your main accounts makes them look shitty and that you should set up bots to do follow unfollow automaticallyto funnel traffic to your main account. (on instagram) this seems kind of shitty and like an exploit of a gimmick that sites would generally consider an abuse of terms and services right? but maybe i am encroaching on that by being a "manual mass follower" ? either way doing this has become a practice and exercise and I have seen benefits from it.

I have started doing the "follow unfollow" method on one or two sites that arent super mainstream, and its kind of interesting but feels pretty gimmicky even though im basically using a gimmick the whole time. Sites I am willing to do this on are ones that dont have an easy way to see if you are mutual followers with someone, or ones that limit you to following a max number permanently. I can see why you would do this and dont want your site to turn into a big shitty f4f like4like circle jerk, but from my experience it has helped me on some sites, whether i look like a spammer douche or not. I have refrained from unfollowing anyone after maxing my NG follows because i dont want to look like im trying to be a big shitty spammer on a site that ive known to be pretty useful, historically significant web wise, and a place that i dont want to shit on since a kid.

I am considering unfollowing a bunch of hentai and porn users on this site because that sort of thing does seem sort of in alignment with what would help a website thrive, and then connect myself with more E rated content generators and see if that helps me connect with more people that i have mutual interests and desires to grow with. IDK. would be cool to see someones thoughts on this whole thing


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also in addition, i would like to know if people consider this largely immoral, what the other perspectives on it are etc. etc. another detail is websites like pinterest, pinterest lets you follow infinitely but just stops you once in awhile for a bit. i have followed 30k people on there by hand, gotten 10 back, but not sure how many people really look at my pins etc. maybe if i was active daily that would help.on the other hand, i am having better luck with other sites