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what computer are you using

Posted by Boss - 3 weeks ago

i never thought much about how different models of computers are neat, but i guess the romanticization of old computers makes me appreciate more of regular computers for what they are. i guess in a way maybe it could be a security issue or vulnerability to disclose what model youre using because then someone could guess other stuff about your system? im guessing its less of a big deal than people accidentally posting how their computer directory is configured

im using a semi old elitebook. i am gonna have to get a new laptop someday soon(ish?) since i have windows 7 on this homey machine and thats phased out. i met people who have super old computers like original PCs from the late 70s and 80s and like old apple IIs and i was like damn. thats really dope. i think the simplicity of old computers can also make complicated shit like programming more interesting. its a little easier to wrap your head around it when you know a little bit about how its 1s and 0s and codes to make the letters appear and logic gates and stuff instead of a vague, complicated thing



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Windows 10

Oh dude, this is my shit right here. lol

Main PC is a frankenstein-ass 2010-ish Dell Precision Workstation T3500.
CPU is the fastest it can take, a Xeon x5690 6 cores, 12 threads (3.46GHz, 3.73GHz Turbo) 12GB DDR3 Triple-Channel 1333MHz for ram, Sapphire AMD R9 270X, Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty Pro, 128gb SSD for system (Win10), 4TB hdd general storage/backup, 1TB hdd for games & a 160gb with Windows XP for the full EAX & retro games experience right on my my main machine.
It also has an on-board floppy drive. Because you gotta.
All in all it probably cost me under $300 over a few years. Not the fastest thing out there, but I don't care much for new games & it's certainly not slow. All suits me fine.

Laptop's a 2015-ish Dell Latitude E7450 with 256gb ssd, i7-5600U 2.60ghz, 3.4Turbo) 2cores, 4 threads, 16GB DDR3 1600mhz, Intel HD5500 graphics (ew) & an absolutely gorgeous 1080p 14 inch screen & carbon fiber... coating? on the whole thing, as well as ridiculous 1730mbps Wi-Fi. It's like 3 pounds, crazy battery life (well it would if i had a new battery rn) it's nice. I paid like $220.

And you should see how much you can upgrade that laptop before you just replace it. You'd be surprised how some of them can take double or more their original RAM & how friendly they are with longer-life batteries & sometimes even CPU upgrades. Not sure about Elitebooks, but sounds fancy, maybe it's a businessy model? They are often the sort that have a lot of upgradability.
Even if not though, it should have no trouble running Win10 if it runs Win7.
Unless you got physical damage, a screen you don't like etc, it may not be done yet. :u
I say, upgrade 'n resell if you just want a new one anyway!

you're right I probably could upgrade it. I'm not great at figuring out how I would finance upgrades VS how much it would be to get a new one and if I would have to do any specific maneuvers at any points like backing up files to make sure I don't lose them while trying to perform something specific. I guess I'm just sorta not knowledgeable and sort of precious knowing stuff can get fucked up when you move it around and finagle with it a lot. Someone with your knowledge would save a lot of money and would also always be able to get their machine to perform way more complicated processes so I really should get into computer parts knowledge. something that intrigued me a lot was LGR retro computer videos, do you watch any cool videos that could get me into it that you'd recommend?

@Boss LGR is great. I'd suggest LinusTechTips' TechQuickie videos, but probably more than any other- JayzTwoCents. He is really good at this sort of thing, trying to get folks into the hobby & help ya be knowledgeable enough to make the early steps without too much trouble or cost.
I could try to help myself too. I got like 20 years of experience with this crap, so... :u

@Boss But uh, the one really big issue if you're uncomfortable with the little fragile bits would be the need for new thermal paste on the laptop's CPU (and probably GPU chip, etc) there's always youtube tutorials on how to do it for specific models unless they're really obscure or old.

It's definitely nerve-wracking but if the plan is to upgrade 'n sell, I'd just grab more RAM for it, a cheaper SSD of the same size or slightly more than the drive it comes with, pop a cheapo ebay'd Win10 single-use/single-PC license onto it for like 10-12 bucks or whatever, then check ebay prices for your model & shoot below those where you're comfortable & it'll likely sell.
If that's the route you take, you will want to be up front about the lack of thermal paste application and the reason. I know I'd damn well choose the buyer who was trying to be careful not to break it that lets me know vs one without much info.

Just check the channels I mentioned & look for a tutorial or two about your specific model & you may find a lot less (or a lot more!) daunting than it seems. :u

Laptop with an i3 7020 and Intel HD graphics 620 if I'm not wrong, it does the work

a rectangle powered by a 1030, a i5 10th gen, love and duct tape to keep it from exploding

Asus x970-plus, Ryzen 7 3700x, Gigabyte 3070. Samsung 1tb m.2. Sounds like overkill... well it is, but mostly got it to make my job easier. Let's just say I didn't care about graphics that much until just recently, though. I used to think windows 7 was great but 10 has been updated to be far superior at this point. Though I still think CRTs can be cool and old tech looks much cooler.

dell inspiron 15r with windows 10


idrk, actually.. i think i had a windows 7 until windows 8 released, then the computer updated, then windows 10 was released, and it updated again. Also, remember me?