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i had a dream

2012-09-14 18:30:39 by Boss

in the dream i got so high that i didnt know where i was i started pisssing in my schools music room floor carpet and i saw drums and was like "oh shit this isnt whre i piss!" so i pissed a little bit more then left and tried to find my way out of my school which in my dream was also half maze like castle thing it was confusing and hard but i did it i got out of that fuck


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2012-09-17 23:27:50

sorry i was late to work today boss

Boss responds:

al rite moter foker i tell yu won dam fuk time no late to wort , you alte one more? o key moter foker


2012-09-18 23:14:28


Boss responds:

on the internet gettin called the n word, the dragon I enter center my strength fer
the bitches who are beggers. they always wont my mega cock up their egg purse.


2012-09-29 18:14:37

You've done lost your mind!


2012-09-30 09:35:49

what a dream


2012-09-30 09:41:03

A dream that ended in cream.

Boss responds:

dolla dolla bills y'all


2012-09-30 14:06:34

i hear zimbabwe is a nice retreat for vacationing and molesting white house cats dressed in business suits

Boss responds:

hmmm i consider dis on my day off from colombian drug smuggling


2012-10-09 16:29:41

thanks for the comment.

Boss responds:

yes yes, yes , yes yes yes, yes no probolomo


2012-10-13 19:04:38

this is borderline retarded

Boss responds:

hahahahah it passed the borders lines YEARS ago


2012-10-16 09:51:32

my dick crossed the event horizon of the black hole at the center of the galaxy three years ago

nasa has plans to build a space-able commuter rail network on my dick just as soon as i get done fucking the milky way

Boss responds:

milk it up son . bring us to new galaxies