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Dirigible Conch

2017-09-13 00:47:22 by Boss

Got the conch on big lock with the shell swivels ingrained in the bell bevels, look at me on twelve levels, Never understood these facts and matters gotta splatter with that online paint program, deluxe edition, re model master 3d blend the edit, get this check and check it, signe doulbles find rubles under rubble got the gas station modern armed flak tank jacket up the robo army war, passed seven century advancement ancient asian poets know the facts of life like sherryl gotta let my birds crow and squak, no you phony dont gawk my guacamole guap, hit the top with seven skirts, slot machine work put it in work but not because you make the level jerk. pinball wizards casting no spells this morn so we shall mourn did you take glory and revelry in the seeds of our completion, was our finishing the extraneous contemporaneous module a sign of our defeat and completion?yo, lets go get even 

somethings gotta change, put me on the range, put that tape in my hand with the fuzzy willy wilted willow better batters at the jacobs ladder, jesus used to play slinky with the abbot in the otters rafters, faster peddling than no oar in the creek, with that which you feel eager to speak,yes I came correcty in this moments decible, sobriety sounding like jumbled grammer word forced rammers, calamity cannot sue unless it morphs into a physical human form engulfing these new sorts of intense incense smoke bursting calamitous clam juice,noose, and flip the bucket kick the subject dont want to drift off into nothing, got to get success even if my direction is so mis guided that I almost plummet my own conquest abreast a tenderless pocket in the vortex of flummox bum heads

dirty creature just another self service leecher I cannot fathom my own lack of deepness, ironically my sippy cup runneth over diddly squat brains of an engraged hawk engaged to the squawk, the talk of a nation, the walk of abrasion, new topics like nootropics, keep your son out of hot topic pop n lock it stop then drop it, walk n pick it up after parked and inspected areas are vacant lots again, blast the sound speakers reach you reekin' need to wash and begin speakin' something new and different but you remain indifferent shit bro I need some sleep quick.




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