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I am seriously not the boss, the name of this account refers to the word boss in a conceptual manner

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Big Late Night Cypher

Posted by Boss - September 14th, 2017

Looking down my nose at these emasculate hoes wearin' panty hose, actin' barely clothed, trickin', gettin' pissed about bullshit 'n' dissin':::: I'm about fuck motha fuckas up with capitalistic malitias, I'll fax your documents to the manager with your dick slammed in the printer.. This shit a fucking exclusive, you fucking reclusive, I get real intrusive, leave you black and blue and shit. Pain is my life. Your gayness is a disguise for being a bitch-made you always cries. Come and suck some cum out a rubber ass touch your own ass beat his ass with a hardened rotting flap jack, this mother fucker was never on the boat, tryna get big and gloat, think I'mmma have to show some ho - moes what its all about when I slit up their throat in such a perfect fashion that wind escapes in a howling manner as I slash shit. What's this I'm unhinged? Not a very new news flash, you a fuckin' ratchet. Got the destiny of mankind on my mind so if you wanna refine your little circle jerk captain kirk I don't fuckin' mind. I could fuck ya mom dad, or you from behind. I just might recline and let the transdimensional elves kill you on the replay with bench warmers suckin' more gatorade than your bitches vagine, oozes, this dude is, really wack really weak. gonna have to tell him quick that his bitch a hoe and I don't even wish deception upon the tiny annoying irritating enemies; let this motherfucker eat some alphabet soup like he's andy milonakis in a rap battle droppin lines like L M N O P, gettin' these references G? Just might call up charlie sheen and get a squad of coke cowboys to make your ass diet so ythat you can hit the streets and try to fry your own dick. On a panini cooker. Your girl not a good looker. I'll follow you, get you fired, force you to economically relocate to an impoverished area, force you to work at my closed off area, inhaling gender bender chemicals in the air for months, for years, send in insurgent drones and have them plant thoughts and ideas like you don't even know yourself, It's not enlightenment for you when someone rings the bell, and this motherfucker still want a taco well guess what man, me too, we could move into a lean to and eat two tacos per dude,every meal, like five a day, then feel real good, and have it our way, i just might get busy at BK, call shock G i wanna talk to him briefly while I go in the bathroom and touch my wee wee. How's that for a meta reference,guess it's not as cool if you just jackin' like shit you gonna be a felon. If you got a bitch rollin' witcha you can be sly and also be fly, oh no don't get mad you just might make me cry.wah. why, do these kids and teens try to drop bars when they will never be approaching my grand master litany, man I saw your bitches ass and then I killed chivalry, climbin' up this fuckin' hill for cheese, milton bradley sponsored tats on my lasagna iguana shaped ass, what you think of that?let me get myeq boost the 400 range, let me slap a baby dude who wanna talk shit all day, hold up mang, I'm just trynna fly a jet plane, tryna get my dick shmanged, tryna shmoopie shmip blang, brangey da baney a tangey a jangey, just scored double eight hundreds on my S A Ts then dropped some sick sixteens, know what I mean? just fuel stream over the movie theatre scene when you take a  step back from behind what your senses and vision can see



Ohhh shitI need to go to bed I should have aimedfor ten hours of sleep, now I'mma get six and I hope that I dontwiggle restlessly, end up gettin' three, I'mma need quintuple the times the caffiene, wish this format had a spellchecker, i suck at spellin' motha fucka, probably does, and i didnt even check it, now hows that for a checkered perception, got my chess pieces in, lose to the easiest move then radio in the signal that i have successfully distracted you with a game of chess down in the park, im clownin you narcs, i am informing agents about gorilla pimping operations and then spraying uzis into motherfuckers faces for ages, yo dude put some doctor dre taylor swift remix mashups on my playlist. the empirical evidence isnt adding up, so IM gonna smoke some dmt and read house of leaves and hide under my blanketsfor months. I'm done with the cunts, trying to be up in the cut, they can't do a real cat walk strut, moderately interesting and cool white boys look up at me amazed as I model for gucci supreme collabos, dracula eye shadow, not cross dressing when eight women give my balls a grab hold, then for hours I am filmed in acts no one needs a more detailed description than that yo, I am not a bitch sleeping on a head rest, I am supreme ultimate will manifest, will manifest put ya man to the test and if you want one last look rush to his side to caress

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