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more rhymes, weird meme, + corinthians

Posted by Boss - September 26th, 2017

1 corinthians 13


sam hyde on bullying from world peace


sam hyde power lifting from world peace



Convolensence, the descendants, represent this, I got the block on rock with drone noise and stoner rock, we got big bags, big O's big bricks, flippin' shit with big money, indentured servititude trapezoid schemes, call groaning matt I need to tow a flat I need to hold it back, I got the wrist watch lookin' like tommy wiseau brand, show of hands who the futtt wanna catch these hands, movin' brown on the streets of trashy suburbs mains treets, no one can tame me when I got the main fleek on eyebrow game on these cuckoo nest staying game playing,,,im not erasing im not back tracking to basics when my systems of monetary flex so complex, call my systemic impoverishment tyrannysaurus rex with giant arms and pecs, let me get this lilo and stretch and bobbito and tex mex microwave it up yes, roundabout way of saying im bizarre when i get, undressed, in the bed, but she knows, its the best, i grow, then complex--shit starts to happen complicating complicating complexity, the lyrical miracles wanna suck jizz out of me, they can get a cup of pee, a canister of piss my banter is not this, biblical ritual, of boys being predictable, cant spell you cant tell, facebook babies hit the shit, hit the scene, hit the strip, got a glad to use this nightly trip, got the strip, got 2 flip, who the fuck, on my flip? brr brr skrr skrr my rims look like a human being diamond bitch--blind this completely irrelevant historical wizard pot pie chicken in my remnants of mideivel historians, gloryfying the sources of sorceres smoking black and milk plastic tips holy fucking shit stop this shit. 






Morebars for more stars, to read and get juice. who wanna get loose? no one got that piff dude? oh shit, oh split, oh frick, who? runnin' through the top story hallway with ps2 big 7 killer 7 oceans sle7en, hold on, blu ray edition again? tell 'em,, my incoherence rides derivitave of the underbridge, kids ODing on fentanyl like its a great death when they could have sacrificed themselves to menial yet wholesome service, volunteer work for the homeless, they had no PO box hadnt showered so they probably wouldn't get the application picked. what the fuck is this shit? some bad writin', who is gonna settle for positions they don't even want in the first place, the real world distented from me, why i cant write a novel, gotta drop a bomb tho, still bored and plastic when you get wrapped in it melted and the rotissery chicken is not enough to get you excited enough to pick the bone and eat off the salty skin. Malt liquor again. 


Malt Liquor Again. 


giant pretzel sketchers limited edition nike gucci louis vuitton collab with kanye west ona  diss track against south parks creators, flippin backflippin' limbo vertical parkour kids over front flipping alligators, crocodiles stop a while to drink some tea with doctor wild butt smell kinda like the indigo prodigy child, mad clean, the ass be, something with to much steel heat, we still eat, we kill tracks with smoking mad fuckin' yeet, just another sixteen year old trying to make a name for themself, losin' it all to slave wage stacking chips on a shelf, as the years have passed, the vision swells, blaoted, a dead image, surruonded by nerdy fools who do not assume a proper nerdy skill set, acting like they love their life projecting extremely negative mind sets beneath a calm cool gaze that glaze 

i have a jet planefull of lawyers who are emailing my schoolbusses of lawyers who are travelling from ohio to texas back and forth taking videos of themselves eating at highway arbys,,,..,,, the mets gave me tom sawyer signed copies with trailing visuals up in the dusting pipe full of gerbers to smoke after the old pineapple wrestlers slap the gourds of their asses exposing elves twinking for five days on cam for large G's,,,..,,,




i have a new song 4 yall that i made in some weird garage band looking shit:   https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/767379?updated=1506487977

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Eddle is king, Ave Satanas telegram it had a devilish ring

Dark art jewelry, pure tomfoolery, Tom Tom GPS to sessions with a Judas Priest

Robert Halford half afforded hoarded gourds, Goro's four arms fisting chicks with no charm

Plick plick pleek plonk, the sounds of sow chores

My piggy duties including me tattooing Deuteronomy on doored cars

Carbon dated carcass with an overrated hard dick, this phallus gets a solid five doses of most chode licks

Mister Owl, how many licks to the Robber Barons shift? He clocked in past six with several meddling kids

They whipped it here in Mystery Vans with Devo and his beddy pans, the cream sat too long in her thong made of nettle Xans

Is this word salad? No it's bullshit pepperonis, I tend to consequently roast a Roman Catholic bologna

Below me lies a red skinned Mister with intentions, but not TeG, his name is pioneer of sin inventions

That whisper in your ear? It's him, guzzling your force of life

Feeds your with socialist lies and loathes you more than him or I

Self hatred was once painted, then suicide was sketched

Then Nickelodeon ran the pilot into twinned tower heads

Inside organs is accordions in accordance with self guidelines, only playing notes that we have written on our downtime

Town line, city limits, shitting on a kitty's mittens

Feline defecation on the textures that have risen

Zeen and Caislin at it, once labeled Baddict, Head Chief combined with fiend, they blend their magic

Depressed Gynecologists be calling this a hauling, of blues beats and navy skeet, our hands have angels falling

Son of mourning, male offspring of sympathy, simply I need you to lose these bars in hidden Benzo trees

Zenith's had enough, now it's off to schizophrenic leagues, so I can hear the voices make home runs with Barry Bonds religious schemes

Someone call the ref, hugh just died but nikkey I just found the new HEF

someone call mos we found someone who is mostly more DEF,

tell ninja he's not as ZEF, i'm sorry, this half of Baddict just killed the game one million likes,

on Pinterest, I digress, I chalk it up to the fact that he sucks the goddessessess's breasts

and if she says it damage her political career then he doth not profess or confess

Yo dude we were on acid in the 90s in a parking lot and a hawk ate that kitty kat

we watched gummo on VHS, we wrote rick and morty sold it to justin roilan for an adult swim hat

made of gold chumkets, I got more phones for drug deals than kat in cheet by anna davis has

for sex with U K brats, I check the lucy that i popped in my crocket, im magnificent

a magnificent bastard who woke up 35 minutes prior to this spittin' sesh

but like from ethereal realms, we cheerily swell our members for the baddest groupies

opening tours for grand nubian, the hype and sheer amount of prepositions tacked on top

underneath and around each other doos u in like scooby doos friends into the van that stops

verb release tightens drops recoups, bran flake double scoops some titties like guy falkes

miss spelling kim jong uno i got one card left for the most definitely represent,

get my dick stuck in a chicks butt crack again, at college baseball practice with acid heads

watching because i manifest them with a strange inner intelligence

if they do not keep children safe i will then torment and mutilate them,, suffocate them

by wrapping their necks in penelopes tits, martin lawrence doug stanhope aiming

a giant monkey laser at the version of earth from the multiverse, which is wack

Yo when Baddict rise again we cop a dope producer, then throw perscript in the cooler

Caislin got the blunt ashin' in a chicks giant nipple Zenith has the money makin' satellite scooners

detach, from orbit and become mechanized robots that appear in the air for our shows

just to spook ya, or maybe you imagined it tripping in the crowd because i said it, but who knows

dude.... this is... hard core.....pretty intense... you might get me into slayer LOL

Damn a modern Beavis & Butthead duo perhaps? Remarkable!!

hahaha that would be wild. UNFORTUNATELY I am probably more like Daria. OH who the fuck am I kidding she was much more socially apt than I, Beavis and Butthead it is !!

i love you

thank you so much i needed that