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Go Get 'Em, Denim! Go Get 'Em, Denim!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

the writing is amazing, very funny, great art style, it all blends perfectly, I am delighted to have seen this

Just Being RJ Episode 2 Just Being RJ Episode 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

omfg we love your cartoons WillieD!!! I am glad that the dad told the kids to eat vegetables but, without knowing the precise ages of the characters of the kids, and with pizza not being the most unhealthy thing ever I suppose, it almost made me sad to see the tiffany character told by both of her family members that she would get fat because she wants pizza, although it made for a really funny video. So glad to see the animation progress! You deserved the daily 5th that you got, this was a dope video!

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WillieD891 responds:

Thanks :)

Cream Cream

Rated 5 / 5 stars

watching this flash made me realize that I liked firth cartoons in the first place probably because they seem so inspired in the same dark vein as courage the cowardly dog which is a show I loved as a child.

Obviously my first thought is to compare this "cream" to ejaculate since in real life it is actually good for your complexion. Then I began to delve into the conceptual ideas that the driving force behind life that this is represents, much like the complexion healing properties, this life driving force that could heal more to people, what if our ejaculate represented our pleasure in living and the deeper properties of life itself as it fixes everything that it comes across in a human when in its most concentrated form?

After these thoughts, I naturally begin to see how this video could thematically be a reflection showing that the goodness in life is very overbearing, creepy, and intrusive in a way, that our innate will to live is gross and goes against the natural order, which is to be broken and to die and to be different.

While after contemplating this for a moment, I wouldn't agree that it is how I completely feel, I think it would be good to harness healing properties from inside of ourselves, this cartoon obviously shows that if everyone is animated in a kind of hyper realistic disturbing way, creating this miracle cream in a strange laboratory setting in a dark world, you are going to be repulsed. even if it could actually represent the divine will of human life itself. So I find it very thought provoking, and I've watched like a minute of the cartoon.

I think that this video is fucking hilarious, equally as hilarious as it is dark, and makes me feel a contrast of emotions even possibly at one time, like an animated cartoon that can expand your consciousness, but in a way that shows you the error of "fixing" everything, and the snootiness and self-entitled atmosphere that can come with feeling like any one certain way of living is the best and most right way to live, even if it follows a very objectively positive path.

the part where a guy turns into pure light energy is extremely trippy. holy shit. this is too much man.

the concept of cream becomes sort of uplifting and then the whole plot twist happens. this shit is just too deep dude.

10/10 I would show it to my family members

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Renaine (Demo) Renaine (Demo)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

it's got the simple lovely retro charm of any great game with graphics that throwback to 8bit or 16bit styles, like the visual pleasure of terraria, while sonic the hedgehog is there painting me like a french girl, it feels like the mario brothers blew a wad in my mouth and mega man was there to fondle my cheeks, then i woke up and it was all a beautiful dream i had after smoking some futuristic computer code enhanced salvia designed by studio pixel.

it feels great to play and looks awesome and deserves to be a console game with online team modes that people flock to to play and voice chat in the evenings.

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4 creatures share a ... 4 creatures share a ...

Rated 5 / 5 stars

"When I get close to the edge I hear voices in the distance"

I feel like this is a really great piece of art that reflects on the transient nature of life, and makes me feel calm about the idea of dying some day, in a healthy and peaceful way. Great for existential crises.

Kenney's Quest (Kenney Jam 2017) Kenney's Quest (Kenney Jam 2017)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

LOL, very funny to play. great throwback to mario world while also making fun of the bug vs gameplay perspectives on games. you can tell that the 'bugs' are implemented into the game on purpose and they work well as something which adds a lot of dynamism to the levels. don't know if I can beat it!

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Ticking Down Teaser Ticking Down Teaser

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

if there was an ambient sound behind the ticking at the beginning i would have had more patience for it and maybe even began to enjoy it if I was in the right mindstate. A very smart person once said layers are your friend, and I think you yourself know that you need more going on in this song for it to be captivating. I personally enjoy the dissonant and harsh sounds of the ticking, but generally, people want a sound that is smoother and cleaner. The more in depth you get into the process of utilizing your DAW, instruments, or whatever you are using to make, manipulate, and arrange sound with, the better your outcome will be and the more confident you will feel about what came out. This doesn't just apply to music, or animation, or something creative, it applies to everything. spend time with your tools, and with the exercise and process of creating, and you will be more comfortable and create better sounds.

I was going to give this just one star. When I heard the rapid arrangement of sounds at the end, I felt that it deserved another half a star because that actually did pique my fancy a little bit. I think this would be excellent video game music just the way it is. This song is not essentially, or inherently bad. Your perspective is the reason I am rating you low, because you know you wanted a finished audio product with more work and more depth of sound put into it, and it is obvious. I commend you for being honest with how awful you feel about your work, but you shouldn't feel awful because that feeling will get in the way of your success.

Like I said, if this was part of a flash game, and the flash game was really good, and the pacing mechanics and theme of the game was matched very well by this audio track, it could fit and deserve 5 stars if it was a 5 star game. different things fit in different places.

BillPlayz responds:

Ok. I'll try to add layers, I'd like it if you could rate the finishing song :)

Fake Drum Rush Fake Drum Rush

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this really made me feel about the feeling u get when u dont know ur place on earth and everything is a mystery and shit is just getting twilight zoney. like fuck man, what if we're all just dolls in a box.

good mystery atmospheric

HarraH responds:

lmao yeah i was lost

Song 2 of 8 Song 2 of 8

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

i had to put my volume all the way to like 70 which i usually keep at like 15, and i can generally hear anything i need to.... the recording quality is shit.... but guess what kid, i like lofi, its my thing, that fuzz is the answer, that fuzzy distortion it is god... ok im being over the top... you should record closer to the mic but I don't want to ignore all of the great fuzz and background hiss, which reminds me of the eternal unpleasant nature that comes with existence, even though at our greatest moments it is sometimes pretty small and un noticable.

I feel like the riffing was pretty cool, but not really my personal choice of riffs, im a little more oldschool maybe, it sounds too much like avenged sevenfold for me. around 2:19 theres an overlapping kind of distortion that the guitar makes that sounded way cooler than any other noise it made.

im gonna guess that 4cat is right about tuning your guitar, i wouldnt know, im a tone deaf musical illiterate idiot.... but it couldn't hurt to try to see if you can make it sound better, that's always true for anything

I'm gonna give this 2.5 stars, it's pretty simple and the execution is kinda mucked up--because if 4cats review hadn't mentioned that the recording levels were mixed up, i would have literally heard nothing and assumed there was something wrong with the player or the file and moved on after a few seconds--but after turning it up i did see there was some substance there and it brought me back a bit to my teen days of lofi recording obsession and having a friend who played tons of avenged sevenfold and greenday shit on guitar.

Recent Art Reviews

Sagat and the Pedo Cowboy Sagat and the Pedo Cowboy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

you know what. love it. hope sadats bout to bust this mutha fugga up. always loved your work. maybe ill get big and commission ur work some day. smoochies and hugs, keep a positive mind ur art is so badass it could b a thug. <3

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Poison day 3 inktober 17 Poison day 3 inktober 17

Rated 3 / 5 stars

very thought provoking. the staging isn't that bad but it is excellent that you are being realistic with yourself and setting goals to push yourself to be better. very thought provoking. after inktober ends you should flesh this out and clean up the linework and add color and I think a lot more people would really pay attention to it, maybe you could rework the staging then and it would satisfy you to accomplish that.

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hreyas responds:

yes , for sure ,I ll try to do if time permits .

J Jonah Jameson J Jonah Jameson

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i want pictures of the spiderman peter, and i want them now