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An unparalleled masterpiece.... the protagonist is like the perfect relative of main vein.... maybe even a perfect bootleg version... if romeoJR was a product designer, and a company tried to bootleg their shit, he would already have copyrighted exactly what they would try to do with his product..... that's a talent... phenomenal..... this film speaks for itself in so many ways.... you will laugh... cry... and cum. that's just how it goes buddy. i could go on for a long time about this. a really long time. I mean reaaally I mean seriously.but i'm pretty sure my manager is looking for me. so i should probably finish taking this shit. I wanna know something....

i really hope mane vane is doin ok because that dude at the end was like. really scary. im shaking right now. mane vane is a good man and should have a nice job at CPS

i like they disclaimer

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the hint in the comment was necessary i think which is kind of funny because its atari style and back then it was all about the manual and the game being two things you needed to play the game. before i read the hint i was like wtf and it was honestly maddening in a sick and ironic way to watch a meditation game called its not a race clearly be a weird futile race. then i realized your bar expands and it was fun and tricky to try and time the bar expansion because ur dude slows down as you age, this also serves as a great metaphor for just energy metabolisms. have to laugh hard at people who cant process the metaphor and see the game as more of a message than " a fun game" but I do agree the atari style can make you wish the game was more and had more features, my personal desire was to time it right and then watch my guy walk off the screen as if there was some kind of objective you earn by timing it just right. it's kind of funny because that goes to show that the lives of the dudes who died struggling were essentially the same as the one who made it all of the way to the end, just pacing yourself got you to see cooler shit and increased your abilities. as always meditation messages and themes about life will frustrate people. I think this stands alone as a good game but it would be awesome to see this modified and expanded upon as a new game with extra features so its more play oriented than about the message

for some reason when i use the arrow keys to move the guy it scrolls the page. so i used wasd instead but still, something that i dont think other games have happening. also not sure which button grenades are but when i hit q the dude drops turrets and i can place infinite turrets it seems, which is cool and kind of fun but makes it impossible to die once you spawn kill the scorpions. this deserves atleast a 3 because it feels functional and like it could make a great tower defense/shootemup style game

died 106 times. didnt realize those things i was grabbing were the coins, i was almost expecting the impossible mode to end and have a super impossible mode with coins or something that would bring me to like a crazy unbeatable level so i was like ohman this game is pretty tough idk if ill make it to the end. maybe im getting better at platformers as i age. i feel like it just took a while to get every stage. really fun game. this deserves to be ported to consoles and expanded for a full release but idk how you would balance the potential desire for more animation with the way that might compromise the 8 bit charm. really beautiful gameand the background music reminded me kind of of the ominous background music in the boo level in mario 64, this is my way of trying to compliment how ominous and maybe early 3d era the music reminded me of... anyways great game

plufmot responds:

Fun fact: I used the music from the boo level in Mario 64 as placeholder audio. Also thanks for the feedback!

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The eggs style intro reminded me almost a little of adventure time, which is nice, i mean if youre familiar you might know what elements remind me of it, not meant as anything but a compliment or simple comparison in style. This is good but at times felt a little harsh. I really liked the helicopter style chopping sound at the end. which is ironic because thats a sort of harsher sound innately but it sounded a little smoother than the section before it for some reason. Also the description is interesting, you should try not to make enemies who will try and trash ur stuff xD

Kelpalots responds:

LOTS OF BACON with those harsher sounds! Thanks for reminding me how video game this was, and how it could reflect. Adventure Time does seem to fit it too. That one episode with the core people and their goddess seems to feel a little unreal with how it seems to just fit!

As for the enemy, he did some major thing on our planet like TNTing a bunch of buildings. He doesn't like the fact he told me so either. I would have been blissfully unaware had he not told me these things. He happens to like to destroy people who are important too. And take all their money and worth. So naturally I DID NOT want an enemy, and he happen to be one, because I had worked hard making a lot of things happen for our planet. It totally destroyed his idea of destroying reality.

as soon as i heard the kick drum I knew I was going to favorite this, really really pushes through the 4th wall in a dynamic and engaging way. kind of wishing as the track goes on that it would have that bouncy dynamic 4th wall breaking feel but it progresses in a really nice way that really lends itself to the melodic quality of the song, i cant take any points off my score for it when its really really well put together still. wish I could give a suggestion to make it grab at me more but I don't know lmao so there's that. the second half's progression is really dreamy and a little more dramatic/epic too which I really like and as that new synth that comes in around 2:40ish starts playing it starts feeling a little more dynamic and engaging and the whole song seems to have built itself up to make this complementary element more clear. anyways i dont know, awesome song would like to hear this on some huge speakers in the woods or something

sampling the thong song is extremely newgrounds, congratulations

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Very good detail

I like the revelatory theme of this, displaying the problems in attitude of the founders of our “society” and how our far back indigenous ancestor’s way of life showed a much better laid back attitude to put it in general terms

Not only is this an awesome drawing of an apartment with cool ass clutter of their stuff in some sections, the linework and shading are just really even and balanced and have a nice comic/anime feel that doesnt try to go too strong it hits its stride really well, and of course I love the dramatic vaporwave/hyper 80s purple pink hue. Also bonus points for homey sleeping with the pillow on his head

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