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the writing is amazing, very funny, great art style, it all blends perfectly, I am delighted to have seen this

omfg we love your cartoons WillieD!!! I am glad that the dad told the kids to eat vegetables but, without knowing the precise ages of the characters of the kids, and with pizza not being the most unhealthy thing ever I suppose, it almost made me sad to see the tiffany character told by both of her family members that she would get fat because she wants pizza, although it made for a really funny video. So glad to see the animation progress! You deserved the daily 5th that you got, this was a dope video!

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WillieD891 responds:

Thanks :)

watching this flash made me realize that I liked firth cartoons in the first place probably because they seem so inspired in the same dark vein as courage the cowardly dog which is a show I loved as a child.

Obviously my first thought is to compare this "cream" to ejaculate since in real life it is actually good for your complexion. Then I began to delve into the conceptual ideas that the driving force behind life that this is represents, much like the complexion healing properties, this life driving force that could heal more to people, what if our ejaculate represented our pleasure in living and the deeper properties of life itself as it fixes everything that it comes across in a human when in its most concentrated form?

After these thoughts, I naturally begin to see how this video could thematically be a reflection showing that the goodness in life is very overbearing, creepy, and intrusive in a way, that our innate will to live is gross and goes against the natural order, which is to be broken and to die and to be different.

While after contemplating this for a moment, I wouldn't agree that it is how I completely feel, I think it would be good to harness healing properties from inside of ourselves, this cartoon obviously shows that if everyone is animated in a kind of hyper realistic disturbing way, creating this miracle cream in a strange laboratory setting in a dark world, you are going to be repulsed. even if it could actually represent the divine will of human life itself. So I find it very thought provoking, and I've watched like a minute of the cartoon.

I think that this video is fucking hilarious, equally as hilarious as it is dark, and makes me feel a contrast of emotions even possibly at one time, like an animated cartoon that can expand your consciousness, but in a way that shows you the error of "fixing" everything, and the snootiness and self-entitled atmosphere that can come with feeling like any one certain way of living is the best and most right way to live, even if it follows a very objectively positive path.

the part where a guy turns into pure light energy is extremely trippy. holy shit. this is too much man.

the concept of cream becomes sort of uplifting and then the whole plot twist happens. this shit is just too deep dude.

10/10 I would show it to my family members

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Cool but short. Awesome little game to play to kill a little time loved that I could play on my phone. Really cool art style!

I absolutely adore this and love the use of gameboy zelda graphic style as I loved those games so much. I could go into each of the nuances that I love about this game but I'm sure the dude making the game knows already. I really love the challenges to this game, and the longer you play the more you realize the nuances to it. the style is really technically nice, and the design is super poetic and beautiful. this is a great game to sit down with for a bit and feel like there is no more war. ;-) would love to see another game in this style!! I just loved everything about this!! excellent game!!! you are incredibly talented keep creating !!!!

time 20:44


19 berries

I love the difficult jumps, the art style is amazing great color scheme and it reminds me of old gameboy games. the jump mechanics were difficult as FUCK to get down at first and i totally left tthe game and came back. it was a super fun game and you should totally do more like this. more screens like this would be awesome, more console oriented style even, i think this game format is worthy although there might be some tweaking to do at that stage

egordorichev responds:

Nice, GG! Thanks for playing!

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really beautifully dreamy. I like the background synth that kind of gives it more depth even tho its not 100% chiptune that way I guess? really nice touch. just sounds awesome this should be in a platformer

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this sounds like a 90s gameboy game and u just got tha princess homie but theres like magic butterflies and shit in the air in a mystical cave

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Hey this is awesome! I particularly was drawn to the name for some inexplicable reason. hehe. i really like the strong midtones of this lead guitar. the softness of the drums really match the midtone brightness of this lead guitar and all of the melodies are very inspirational, motivating, and dream like. everything just fits, its well built, like a castle... hehe Thanks for the song !

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I love the way that the colors seem bold yet soft at the same time, the style reminds me of cave story. the animation itself seems a little jerky, but also really fluid when you concentrate on it a little closer. your art style would be great for a video game, but of course, it is really great on its own as an art piece. I think the way that the things in the foreground and larger pieces of the background that seem closer to the point of perspective are simpler and the things further away and that are more in the background/less the focal point being more detailed is something that really brings it together and makes it pleasing to the eye and engaging in a way that just makes you feel good looking at this, and want to keep staring at it. great work, keep doing what you do !!

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maruki responds:

Thank you for your kind words. The animation is jerky, yes. I think I messed up the gif capture a bit. Funny enough, she is one of the characters I designed for Aftertile, the game I'm currently developing. That's also the reason why the background look simpler in comparison to the others, it's because I designed that map trying to focus on visual easiness. It's great to know that the piece feels good to look at, it means a lot to me. Thanks again!

fav'd for luis

ScepterDPinoy responds:

He's a great influence tbh.

Yoo I love how the cyan be lighting this like hooo shit is poppin like daaang how U get it so neon like woah its like so 80s style neon perfect color palleutte how U did that and like oooo hoooo the tiddies poppin like pop pop like what like how U did this YOooo like what how yo hoooohhand wit like ALL dat outer SPACE like omfg homie what did u DO this TIME !??

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